Father Dennis Cagantas

Tim Borbas

Parents of the Bride
Jun and Virgie Villamayor

Parents of the Groom
Ile and Angie Ombrog

Grandmother of the Bride
Esperanza Dolores

Grandparents of the Bride
Fred and Nora Villamayor

Maid of Honor
Anna Patrice J. Sedigo - Best Friend of the Bride

Matron of Honor
Ma. Ymber V. Reveche - Sister of the Bride

Katherine Ona - Friend of the Bride
Ilene Ombrog - Sister of the Groom
Melissa Miranda - College Friend of the Bride

Best Man
Charlton Tulud - Best Friend of the Groom

Jay Bedruz - College Friend of the Groom
Mark Fernandez - Childhood Friend of the Groom
Mitchell Dominic Villamayor - Brother of the Bride

Flower Girls
Alicia Brizuela
Annaliza Licona
Maria Therese Yzabel Reveche

Ring Bearer
Ivan James Mariano

Coin Bearer
Jaden Compas

Bible Bearer
Raul Garcia

Primary Sponsors
Michael Quiray and Lynn Ona
Keith Wicker and Maria Wicker
Joey Gallego and Nancy Lontoc
Dexter Brizuela and Liezsl Compas
Antonio Villamayor and Carol Tulud
Carlo Rodriguez and Menchie Fernandez

Secondary Sponsors
James and Michelle Mariano
Jeremy and Jennifer Licup
Federico and Janelle Villamayor

Liturgical Ministers
Pilar Brizuela - Old Testment Reading
Jessa Lontoc with Music Ministry - Responsorial Psalm
Ivy Lunn Ersan - New Testament Reading
Ma. Ymber V. Reveche - Intercession
Albert Tulud and Vicky Quiray - Eucharistic Ministers
Joseph Quiray, Jed Ona and Alexa Villamayor - Altar Servers

Michelle Montealegre, Cynthia Gonzalvo, Margarette Da Silva, Kristin Lontoc
Roy Dalmacio, Matthew Licup, Chadrick Tulud and Jody Pasia

Emily Gorman - Organist
Rhianne Echiverri - Violinist
Ian Roy Dipasupil and Anton Quiray - Music Ministry

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