December 25, 2007

Chris's Version

It was no secret that Christie was ready to get married.  I gave her some conditions: graduate from college and then find a job.  Once these were complete we could talk about getting married.  With much persistence and perseverance, she did all the above and was waiting for that day where I would make her life long dream come true.

Soon enough commercials for engagement rings were all over the radio and TV. Christie was getting anxious not to mention frustrated that I hadn’t popped the question by now. It wasn’t until I heard this ad on 104.1 KRBE for International Diamond Cutters. I would highly recommend them if you are thinking about getting a ring or any other diamond. They give you an in-depth education on diamonds and even gave me a helpful book about diamonds. With the ring finally chosen, now came the hard part…the proposal.

International Diamond Cutters even gave me a book with some romantic engagement stories. The only thing I got from these stories was that you needed to spend money to have an amazing story. I’m a simple guy and I knew I could have a proposal story to remember without spending a ton of money. I contemplated on my proposal but just could not think of anything original. Then it occurred to me that Christie had always complained that we never take any pictures together. Actually we have and all the photos were stored on my computer. How could I incorporate all our pictures into a proposal? Then my brilliant idea unfolded. I was going to make a scrap book with some of my favorite pictures and on the last page would be a picture of me asking her to marry me. And what better way then to give it to her on Christmas! Now I just needed to figure out how to put this together. I may be into chick flicks but I had no idea how to create a scrapbook. Thank God for my sister! I called her up and told her my idea which she seemed very receptive to it. I knew my sister was really into making scrapbooks so she gave me some great ideas and was even able to find the perfect scrapbook for me. I picked the pictures I liked and gave her guidance on where I wanted them and she put together a beautiful scrapbook! It was complete except for the last page. I had my sister take a picture of me on my knee and now just had to get this developed. Funny story I had to pick up the picture but had to hide it in my car because Christie was with me. When we got back to my house, I had to sneak it to my sister without Christie noticing. Yea I know I’m slick.

So everything was set, the scrapbook was complete, the day was chosen, and now the waiting.  I cannot tell you how many times we saw those engagement ring commercials.  Christie would look at me and have this look in her eye.  She would always get upset because I didn’t seem interested or was ignoring her.  It took so much strength to hold in my surprise.  There were many times that I just wanted to blurt out that I had the ring but I thought it would be better if I waited.

Christie has always been a fan of High School Musical so I decided to buy her High School Musical 2 movie and CD to give to her on Christmas Eve.  Now this may have been a jerk move but I kind of wanted to throw her off as I started to think she was expecting me to ask on Christmas Eve.  Christmas Eve was finally here.  It’s my family tradition to open our presents on Christmas Eve after mass.  After Christie opened her present, I could immediately tell she was disappointed.   I almost wanted to ask her that night but I really wanted to do this on Christmas Day.  I stayed strong despite the awkward drive back to Christie’s house.

Christmas Day came and I could tell you my mind was going at 100 mph.  We were going to spend half of the day with my family and the other half with her family so I wanted to ask her first thing in the morning.  I got a text from Christie that she did not want go anymore.  I could obviously tell that she was not too happy but I told her that I was on my way over.  The drive seemed like an eternity even though her house is like 5 minutes away.  When I got there, to my dismay she was still getting ready.  Her family was even there at the time and I wasn’t planning on asking Christie in front of everyone.  I wanted it to be intimate.  I knocked on her door and I could tell by the look in her eye that she wasn’t very excited to see me.  I showed her a gift and told her that she left it at my house.  She was a little confused but after some hesitation she opened the box which contained the scrapbook.  She timidly went through the pictures and I couldn’t really tell how she felt.  She was getting to the end and I had purposely taped the last pages together so that she wouldn’t accidentally skip to the end.  All of a sudden her mom walked into the room and said “I hope there’s nothing wrong going on here.”  I assured her nothing was while at the same time holding down the last page.  Finally we were alone again and Christie got to the last page which happened to be a picture of my beloved niece, Alicia that we both adore.  Again sadness filled her face but I told her that she forgot a page.  I pulled apart the pages that were taped together and her face lit up.  There was a picture of me on one knee dressed in a suit holding the ring in a box.  I couldn’t remember my exact speech but I do remember saying “I know you're disappointed and I'm sorry that you are. In marriage, there will be a lot of disappointments, but in the end I will never let you down."  I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.  She smiled and gave me a hug and a kiss.

Christie's Version

On the night of Christmas Eve, my family went to mass 8:00 at St. Edith Stein. We were all together before Chris and I had to go to his house. It is a tradition at the Ombrogs to open presents Christmas Eve or after mass. I was happy and nervous at the same time because I thought he was going to pop the question that night or maybe at midnight. During the exchange of presents, Chris gave me this flat rectangular shaped gift. When he gave me his present, to my dismay it was only a dvd and cd of "High School Musical 2." Don't get me wrong, I love "High School Musical" but I was really disappointed. I knew he was going to propose sometime because he had talked to my dad the week before. I did not tell him how I felt but I knew he knew how I felt. His whole family could see it on my face. I did eventually tell him when he took me home. I went to be bed upset and disappointed. I even had a a bad dream.

On Christmas Day, I was supposed to have lunch with his family and dinner with mine. My parents told me that I shouldn't go with him because I was already with his family the night before. Since I was upset and disappointed, I texted Chris and told him to go without me. He immediately texted me back and said "I'm getting ready now, I will come pick you up!" He did not reply even after I insisted I was NOT going. While I was putting on make-up, Chris arrived and knocked on my door. He showed me a gift and said that it was a gift I had left at his house. I told him that I already opened all the gifts but he insisted that it was mine. Even though I was not happy at this time, I opened the gift and it was a box. I'm wondering, "What now?" When I opened the box, I thought there was another box and thought it was going to be box after a box until a small box with a ring. Well, when I took it out, there was no box, It was actually a scrapbook full of our memories, some pictures that I have never seen. As I went through the pages, my mind was racing 100 mph thinking, maybe there's a ring at the end of the book. Before I turned the last page, my mom came in the room to get something and said "I hope there's nothing wrong going on here." Chris assured her there wasn't. Chris had to hold the page down so I wouldn't turn to the last page. I figured he did not want my mom to see him propose., so I played along and just started feeling the page with movie and concert tickets, thinking there might be a ring in there. When I finally turned to the last page, excitement filled my heart BUT it was just a picture of his adorable neice/goddaughter Alicia. Disappointed, sadness and a little anger filled my heart again. Then Chris said I skipped a page. I went back to the page with all the tickets and he showed me a secret page. The last two pages were taped together so I wouldn't accidentally see it. When I opened it, I was speechless and in awe because there was a picture of ring in a box and Chris kneeling down holding the ring in the box (I thought he was sitting down). On the left side, it said "The Proposal." Chris then had his speech.... I really can't remember everything he said but the one thing that stood out and I believe is the most important line was.... "I know you're disappointed and I'm sorry that you are. In marriage, there will be a lot of disappointments , but in the end I will never let you down." Chris got down on his knee, took out the box from his pocket and finally proposed, "Will you marry me?" he asked. It took a few seconds before I finally said yes (thinking of something dramatic to do or say) but instead I gave him a hug and a kiss. He took the ring from the box and put it on my finger. I believe I was shaking at this time and so was Chris. I could feel his heart beating fast when I hugged him.

After the proposal, a funny story... I went to the living room to show my family the scrapbook and my ring. My sister was there and that was great but I wanted to especially show my mom. I was nervous and did not know what to tell them. So I showed my mom the scrapbook and went through it quickly. At the page where the proposal was, she was just reading "The Proposal, the ring" (imagine it with a filipino accent) but did not understand it. I had to show her the ring to let her know. I was jumping up and down but then she said "Hmm, you have to tell dad." My sister had to remind her that Chris had already talked to dad the week before. Then mom told Chris "Well, you have to pray more about it." Oh, what a typical mom!

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