Christie Marie D. Villamayor
Born November 28, 1982 in Holy Spirit Chapel
ViSCA, Baybay, Leyte, Philippines
Moved to Houston, TX April 1996
Graduated from Deer Park HS May 2001
Graduated from University of Houston Clear Lake December 2006
Bachelors of Science in Education
3rd grade teacher at Stephens Elementary, Katy ISD

I was born on November 28, 1982 in the small Holy Spirit Chapel at ViSCA, Baybay, Leyte, Philippines. My mother, Virgie, went to confession on that first Sunday of Advent when she realized I was ready to be born. Since there was not enough time to go to the hospital, mom ended up having me in the Sacristy, now the altar of the church. Our town’s dentist assisted my mom as I came out without crying and with my eyes open, while the mass was going on. After about 20 minutes, the doctor finally came to cut the umbilical chord and took my mom to the infirmary where she finally released the placenta.

This small town called Visayas State College of Agriculture or ViSCA, now known as Visayas State University is where I grew up. There, I spent my childhood years as well as 3 years in Los Banos, Laguna with my sister and family on my mother’s side. On my first year in high school, my parents told us that we were moving to the United States after we finish out the school year. So in April of 1996, my family moved to Houston, Texas where I finished all my education.

The August of 1996, I went to Dowling Middle School as an 8th grader. My family moved the next year to Deer Park, Texas where I started my high school year and finished on May 2001 as cum laude with Texas Scholars. I paid my way through college, getting an Associate Degree from San Jacinto College and my Bachelor’s in Education from University of Houston Clear Lake on December of 2006.

During my internship at Matthy’s Elementary in the Pasadena ISD, I had an opportunity to get my first job before I graduated at Jessup Elementary in the same district. I taught 4th grade on my first year in January 2007 to May the same year. Before the school year ended, I started looking for a bigger opportunity at different districts. When hope was all gone and to the point of giving up, Chris convinced me to send my resume to any Katy school. I finally sent one to a brand new school called Ursula Stephens Elementary where I now teach as a 3rd grade teacher. Chris also convinced me to move to Katy so I can be closer to him knowing that he’d propose to be sometime. With his help, I ended up buying my first house on September 2007 where I now preside and where Chris and I will soon start our family.

Christopher Ian Ombrog
Born March 18, 1982 Houston, TX
Graduated from Taylor HS in Katy May 2000
Graduated from University of Texas at Austin December 2004
Bachelors of Arts in Sociology, Business Foundations Certificate
Network Manager at Texas Children's Healthplan

I was born at a young age on March 18, 1982 at St. Joseph Hospital in Houston, TX.  I was raised in a small town called Katy, TX.  I spent most of my childhood years with my best friends Jeremy, Charlton, & Mark, which gave me some of the best memories.

I attended Memorial Parkway Elementary in 1987 and soon went on to attend Memorial Parkway Junior High in 1993.  It was in junior high that I began my band career playing the alto saxophone.  I began high school in 1996 and participated in the marching band all four years.  I received my high school diploma in May 2000 with Honors.  I say with great pride that I received perfect attendance recognition from 2nd to 12th grade.

I applied for only one college and to my dismay I was not accepted, however, I was given a chance to participate in the provisional program for the summer.  I would be required to take 4 classes and maintain a certain GPA.  Upon completion and meeting the requirements, I would be accepted.  I gave it a shot and began my college career in June 2000.  I’m happy to say that I met the requirements and was officially accepted into the University of Texas at Austin.  I continued my band career and marched in the Longhorn’s Band – The Showband of the Southwest for 3 years.  I graduated in December 2004 with a Bachelor’s in Sociology and Business Foundations Certificate.

I moved back home to Katy, TX with my parents and found a job with a small company called Arbor Healthcare.  I gained invaluable experience and allowed me to network with other companies.  I worked with them for 2 years and went out to work for a bigger company called HCA, Inc.  I was given leadership responsibilities and allowed me to grow as in individual.  After a short tenure I went on to work for Texas Children’s Health Plan, my current employer.  My title is Network Manager and my sole responsibility is a provider representative for hospitals and ancillaries.  As if things could not get any better, Christie moved out to Katy, found a job, and got engaged to me.  It has come full circle, growing up in Katy to raising a family in Katy.

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